Woodworking Project – Custom Curly Maple Standing Desk – Health Benefits of Standing Desk Explained

As a writer and content creator, I unfortunately end up spending a lot of time at a desk and stuck on the computer. Now for a guy who loves the outdoors, this can sometimes feel like torture! Spending long hours in the office doesn’t just make me feel like a caged animal psychologically though, it also negatively affects me physically. Many folks today live a sedentary lifestyle by choice but many others end up doing so as a result of their job, as they have to work primarily at a desk for hours a day, for weeks, and even years on end. As doctors have discovered, sitting all day can cause serious damage to your health including an increased risk of becoming obese, developing back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, excessive stress, depression, as well as significantly decreasing one’s overall energy level. When it’s all said and done, too much sitting can take years off your life!

Benefits of a Standing Desk

I won’t go into the details of each and every one of these negative sedentary lifestyle health issues, as there are plenty of studies out there for you to read on your own, but in a nutshell, the human body is designed to move, not sit around like a bump on a log, so the more you rotate between sitting and standing while at your desk, the more you can reduce these health risks by increasing blood circulation throughout your body as well as to your brain, improving your posture, reducing spinal compression and joint tension, burn more calories, and much more.

 Standing desks go by many names in the marketplace, including height-adjustable desks, sit-stand desks, or stand-up desks. There are also standing desk converters that sit on top of your existing desk. No matter what you call them, they allow you to switch back and forth from sitting and standing in order to keep your body more in motion and engaged. Standing desks come in many different sizes and shapes with a wide variety of features. They also come with many different price tags, from fairly inexpensive designs that operate with levers, springs, and hydraulics, all the way to up to expensive, fully motorized models. I bought a rather simple model several years ago on Amazon that I’ve been using which works great. However, the desktop was made out of rather uninspiring vinal-covered particle board, as many are, and it also covered up much of the beautiful wood grain of my live edge desk, which I made some time ago, and have also done a previous video about. So, I wanted a stand-up desk that was made out of quality wood and that would also accentuate the beauty of my main desk. And, as there was nothing on the market that fulfilled this need, I made one myself, which was simply a matter of switching out the plain black particle board desktop that the unit came with, with a custom-made desktop of my own.

Build Overview

 Let me stress that this is not meant to be a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to build a custom stand-up desk, but rather, a summary of the build to hopefully give you some ideas to make something similar yourself. Now for most of my woodworking projects like this one I start by harvesting wood directly from nature. While I had some maple on hand that I milled some time ago, it didn’t have the beautiful figuring of what’s referred to as curly or tiger maple, which I absolutely love! So, I went to the store and bought some as the first step. Check out the video below to see and learn more…