Winter Silence

A bald eagle sits in a tree during a snow storm on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

After having photographed countless majestic bald eagles in Alaska, it’s very difficult to pick out a personal favorite. I take thousands of photos of eagles each year, but only a small amount of those make the cut and are added to my collection. And, out of those, most end up as stock photos or images that are used for a variety of advertisement or product purposes. Only a tiny percentage meet my personal criteria for limited edition, fine art images. The ones that do, have to, of course, be of the finest visual quality, but they also have to be images that capture the sense of awe, wonder, intensity, and power, that our National Birds are known for.

Winter Silence is one such image that has risen to the top. There is nothing quite like walking through the Alaska wilderness on a calm, quiet winter morning…when the land is hushed by the gentle falling of snow. A tapestry of sparkling white blankets the landscape, with only shades of brown and green emerging from the trees. Being in such a setting feels reminiscent of entering the sacred stillness of an enormous cathedral. One’s senses are purified and sharpened immensely. One’s thoughts are elevated to higher things. One’s soul is refreshed and at ease. Breathing the fresh, clean Alaska air seems to lift the weight of the world off one’s shoulders.

In such a setting, seeing a majestic bald eagle perched in a treetop is a truly magical sight! One can only imagine how the great raptor feels in the tranquility of the moment. It is a tranquility that is shared by all who gaze upon the mighty eagle in the silence of winter.

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