Wild Revelation Outdoors, Joseph Classen

Wildlife Photography - Advanced Field Techniques

Wildlife photography is an adventure! And, as any great adventure story unfolds, there are bound to be some great risks involved. Whether it’s the risk or the reward, or both, that motivates wildlife shooters, there is one pervasive truth: Preparation is key to success and survival.

In this book, Joseph Classen teaches readers how to select and use the appropriate specialized photographic and outdoor gear required for the rigors of wildlife photography … as you’d expect. However, he also teaches you how to mentally and physically prepare for an outing in which your wits must be as keen as your eye. Classen provides detailed insights into planning and packing for a wilderness adventure. Readers will learn how to securely pack their delicate photographic gear for a rugged, outdoor environment, but will also learn how to choose the best clothing for the site, accessories to ensure your personal safety, and even basic cooking and drinking requirements for days spent shooting in remote areas.

Once you’ve scouted your location, you’ll learn how to respectfully encounter your photographic subject using time-honored practices such as calling techniques, decoys, attractor scents, working invisibly from a blind or stand, or, conversely, by using a more active spot and stalk approach. You’ll learn how to read animal behaviors, from eating to mating, and predict how, when, and where your best photographic opportunities will arise, and also when your safety should be a greater concern than your shot.

With this complete approach, readers will find a compendium of information about wild-animal behavior, wilderness survival and safety, the art and science of photographic capture, and even storing and processing your prized digital files once you return home from your adventure. Armed with Classen’s suggestions and strategies, you’ll maximize your photo opportunities and increase the odds that your wildlife images are the mount-and-frame trophies you have dreamed of capturing. 

Whether you are striving to greatly improve your skills as a wildlife photographer, or you simply enjoy viewing amazing wildlife photography, this book is sure to please!