Wild Revelation Outdoors, Joseph Classen

Wilderness Awakenings - Updated Edition

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Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom from the Wilderness

Since the most ancient of times the wilderness has been a setting for spiritual awakening, the learning of wisdom, and the discovery of beauty and truth. It is a place of spiritual cleansing, healing, and soul-stirring serenity.

The founders of the world’s religions, as well as great political leaders throughout the centuries, have all spent quality time immersed in the wilderness in order to develop a solid foundation of character, to focus on their mission, and to prepare for the challenges ahead. Those same opportunities for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment still await those who venture far away from civilization.

Join writer and award-winning photographer Joseph Classen on an unforgettable adventure from the rugged wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska, to the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Experience the powerful interconnectedness between God, humanity, and all of creation.

Written from a Christian perspective, Wilderness Awakenings is a collection of inspiring essays and stunning photography which takes the reader off the beaten path…deep into the heart of humanity and the natural world.

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