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Guide & Adventure Travel Consultant Service

Due to a variety of family circumstances, we are unfortunately unable to operate our guide service at this time.

Alaska adventure travel consultant service - Wild Revelation Outdoors

Alaska Adventure Travel Consulting Service – $75.00 per session

Experiencing the wild beauty of Alaska is something that people from all over the world dream of. For those who pursue that dream, planning such an adventure can seem like an overwhelming task. Alaska is a HUGE state with so much to see and do! One could easily spend an entire lifetime exploring the Great Land and still not see it all.

Whether you’re interested in a relaxing tour or family vacation, or, have your heart set on a challenging, once in a lifetime outdoor adventure, there’s much to consider, from what region of the state to visit, how to get there, where to stay, what service providers to use, what time of year to go, what to pack, what to expect, and so on. The task of preparing for a trip to Alaska can be a rather daunting adventure in and of itself! In fact, many would-be visitors become so overwhelmed and intimidated by the planning process, that they unfortunately never make their dream a reality…especially those working with a tight budget.

No matter what your motivation for visiting Alaska may be, and no matter the size of your budget, your dreams can still become a reality with a little guidance. Whether you’re interested in a fully guided trip with a service provider, or an ultimate do-it-yourself adventure, our Alaska adventure travel consultation service can help eliminate the anxiety and confusion that often results from trying to plan and prepare a trip to Alaska on your own. Availability is limited, so contact us today to learn more and start making your dreams of Alaska a reality!

Alaska Adventure Travel Service Benefits:

  • Cut through the concern and confusion while planning and preparing for your adventure
  • Ensure the most efficient, worry-free use of your time and money
  • Professional, experienced advice 
  • Get right to what you want to do and enjoy without all the fuss

Our Alaska Adventure Travel Consultation Service is an hour long, one-on-one Skype or phone appointment to discuss any of the following topics:

  • The best destinations and outdoor recreation opportunities on Kodiak Island, or any other location in Alaska
  • What to expect and how to prepare for your adventure
  • Expert guidance in preparing for wilderness adventures, nature & wildlife viewing, photography, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc. 
  • Or, any other relevant outdoor media or adventure topic you would like professional, experienced assistance with

Consultation service appointments must be paid in advance via Paypal. Upon confirmation of payment, you will be contacted within 1-3 business days to schedule your session.