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Welcome to the new Wild Revelation Outdoors website…at least what is up and running as of this posting. Wild Revelation was launched in 2012. Wow! Time flies! For many years, it was primarily an online nature & wildlife photography gallery and blog. A few years later, it also became the online home of my Wild Revelation Guide Service on Kodiak Island, Alaska. As time went on, I divided the two and had individual websites for each venture. As things continued to evolve, the Wild Revelation photography website was transformed into a new online gallery by the name of Alaska Wall Art, which was mainly an experimental project.

Those of you who follow my photography and writing work, as well as those who enjoy my YouTube channel and other outdoor media pursuits, will no doubt have noticed that I have not been all that active with any of those things over the last six months. This was mostly due to traveling around the country, pursuing a variety of work opportunities, and being a bit of a rolling stone…which was not all that much fun, to be honest! But, more about that in future blog posts. These past six months of insanity have taught me many valuable life lessons…the hard way!

For the time being, I’m back on Kodiak Island and getting reconnected to the great Alaskan wilderness that I love. As I was in the process of updating my various websites, I found that the web design software program that I had been using for many years has been discontinued. So, back to square one! I’m having to redesign and redevelop everything from scratch, now using different web-publishing software…which is taking a while to learn. But, I’m getting the hang of it. While in the process of this massive redesign project, I decided to bring it all back home, get back to my roots, and unify all my outdoor pursuits, products, services, and media projects as one brand…Wild Revelation Outdoors. This new website will be the home base for all of it…once and for all!

While originally dedicated primarily to nature and wildlife photography, this new Wild Revelation website will be one that celebrates a wide variety of outdoor activities and topics, such as hiking, camping, cooking, subsistence living, fishing, respectful, ethical hunting (not to be confused with ego-driven trophy hunting), conservation efforts, and many other areas of outdoor interest. There will be a new and improved photo gallery with options for purchasing fine art prints in a variety of mediums, there will be information here about my guide service, and my new blog will have a weekly, and even daily schedule of posts covering a wide variety of topics, including the behind the scenes stories of my favorite and most popular photos, spiritual reflections inspired by time in the wilderness, outdoor and photography gear reviews and recommendations, tips and educational info concerning outdoor skills, adventure stories, and more. I’m really excited to get started…but you, as well as I, will have to be patient, as this new website is a work in progress, which again, as of this post, has just begun! So, in the meantime, please sign up for the Wild Revelation newsletter on the home page to stay in the loop.

In closing, and to switch gears a bit, many ask me about the name, “Wild Revelation.” What’s the story behind it? As a lifelong, passionate lover of the outdoors, nature has always been a place of adventure, education, rejuvenation, prayerful meditation, and deep healing. Spending quality time in the wild has forever been a catalyst for a revelation of one kind or another, at all different stages of my life thus far. Whether it’s a revelation of a divine nature, or a personal one, the sacred sanctuary of God’s great outdoors is a place in which one will always hear a powerful, yet peaceful voice speaking to one’s soul about many different things…that is…if one is listening!


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