Trout Recipes – Cooking Tip – How to Tell When a Whole Trout is Done

This blog and video is for all of you who love to catch and cook trout. I’ll be sharing with you a great little cooking tip for how to know when your trout is finished when cooking them whole. Trout live in beautiful places, they’re fun and challenging to catch, and they’re also delicious and nutritious to eat. One of the most popular ways of preparing and eating trout is to cook them whole either in the oven or on the grill. A common question that people have when cooking them whole, however, is “How do I know when they’re done?” Afterall, trout don’t have a pop-up timer like a Thanksgiving turkey, or do they?

how to cook whole trout

Believe it or not, trout do, in fact have a built-in pop-up timer. It’s located right in their eye. When cooking a whole trout, its pupil will distinctly pop up or out when the fish is done and ready to eat. Lets a have a look…

how to cook whole trout

trout cooking tips, trout recipes

Trout Recipes - Cooking Tip – How to Tell When a Whole Trout is Done

So there you have it my friends, that’s a super easy, and rather unique way to tell when your fish is ready to take off the grill or out of the oven. Check out the video below to see more…

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