The Sacred Hunt – Episode #1 – Introduction & Solo Kayak Bowhunt

Over the years I’ve made quite a few videos on a wide variety of hunting topics for the Wild Revelation Outdoors Youtube Channel, but I’ve made very few videos in which I actually share hunting experiences. There are many false perceptions out there about hunting these days. For those who have never hunted or who really don’t know much about it, it’s very easy to buy into all the negative stereotypes that are out there which portray hunters as little more than bloodthirsty rednecks who love to go out to the woods to shoot and kill stuff. Unfortunately, there are some out there who fit that description, which gives the hunting community an undeserved bad name, but for the vast majority of hunters, that stereotype is the furthest thing from the truth.

For myself and many others, hunting is a truly sacred activity. It’s quality time spent literally immersed in the beauty of God’s creation, either alone in solitude, or with family and friends. It’s an activity in which one becomes a hands-on steward of creation and of our natural, renewable resources. It’s an opportunity to harvest fresh, organic meat to feed one’s family with, which is the ultimate end goal of hunting, but in the process of doing so, one has so many incredible, unforgettable experiences that nourish the soul for a lifetime. And that’s what I hope to share with you in this new, ongoing video series which I call, The Sacred Hunt.

Alaska Hunting: A Quickstart Guide for Planning a DIY Alaska Hunt
Alaska Hunting: A Quickstart Guide for Planning a DIY Alaska Hunt

In this new The Sacred Hunt video series, I’ll be sharing memorable hunts from the past, as well as more current adventures. This first episode is a solo kayak bowhunting adventure that I did just this past week. I did a couple of these kayak bow hunts last year that I made some videos about, and it was such an awesome experience that I couldn’t wait to do it again this year.

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