The Deadly White Jig Fishing Challenge – Episode #1 – Brown Trout

Over the last year or so I’ve made several videos about what I’ve come to believe is one of the most effective, universal fishing flies in North America: the Deadly White Jig. In the first video, I shared an overview of how the Deadly White Jig came to be, the different ways to fish it, and how it evolved over the years into the pattern I use today on a wide variety of fish species. In the second video, I demonstrate how to tie this simple but deadly fly pattern, and in the third video, I show the Deadly White Jig in use while fishing the salmon-filled waters of Kodiak Island, Alaska.

With the peak of the Alaska salmon fishing season a few months away yet, I thought I’d start a new blog and video series featuring the Deadly White Jig in action in the lower 48. My goal is to catch as many different species of fish that I can over the next few months, all on the Deadly White Jig. For this challenge, I’ll be using the same basic pattern, however, I will be tying it on different sized hooks to accommodate the many different species of fish I’ll be pursuing.

I’ll be here in my original home state of Missouri for these first several episodes before heading up to Alaska, and with over two hundred different species of fish here in the Show-Me State, I’ve got my work cut out for me! In this first episode, while the cool spring months are still upon us, I’ll be going after the elusive brown trout. I’ll be fishing the Deadly White Jig under a strike indicator through deep cut bank areas, as well as around areas of heavy underwater structure where brown trout like to hang out. The whole point of using the strike indicator really isn’t about detecting a strike, but rather, I use it to control the exact depth of my presentation, which is a major key to success.

Check out all the fishing action from this first episode in the video below…

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