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The Best Shell Layer Clothing in the World!

the best shell layers in the world for 2019

The shell layer of clothing tops off the midlayer and essentially protects one from the elements: abrasions, damaging UV rays, insects, wind, precipitation, etc. In warmer climates, a shell layer may simply be one’s pants, shirt, and/or a lightweight jacket, but in colder, more harsh conditions, the shell layer will be clothing that is made from strong, protective fabrics. In extreme weather conditions, such as brutal high winds and non-stop downpours of rain, heavy-duty rain and wind gear may be required as an additional layer, even on top of one’s shell layer.

As I often tell folks, do not skimp on a shell layer! I’ve seen low and even respectable quality shell layers of clothing literally rip right off of people in severe weather or while walking through heavy brush. Keep in mind…you get what you pay for when it comes to quality outdoor clothing and gear, so get the best you can afford, as your life may literally depend on it! Below you will find my top picks for shell layer clothing. But first, let me offer a little more info about each brand. Let me also suggest buying a shell layer that is one size larger than what you normally wear. If your shell layer will be worn on top of a substantial base and midlayer, a slightly larger size will give you more freedom of movement and not be too tight.

5.11s When it comes to shirts, pants and jackets for either work or action-packed outdoor adventures, it’s very hard to beat products from 5.11. I have practically lived in mine for the past several years. I love them!!! They make both midlayer and shell layer clothes which are extremely comfortable, look great, and are unbelievably tough! In fact, some of their clothing products are made from materials found in bulletproof vests! Features include triple stitching, double-reinforcement in high-stress areas, YKK® zippers and Prym® snaps, Teflon® finish, and they come in a wide variety of colors and camo patterns.

Stika Gear– For high-performance camouflaged apparel for hunting, wildlife photography, etc., Sitka Gear is at the top of the list. For many years they have remained an innovator and leader in their industry by consistently producing comfortable, quiet (which is of great importance!), extremely durable clothing in a variety of cutting-edge camo patterns. If you are looking for the perfect combination of concealment, silence, and performance, then look no further than Sitka.

Helly Hansen– Helly Hansen was founded in Norway in 1877 and have been producing some of the most innovative, dependable, and weatherproof clothing in the world for the past 140 years. Their products are designed to keep one alive in harsh, challenging environments, as well as enhancing one’s overall enjoyment of the outdoors through clothing that is made to move! Helly Hansen is a top choice for commercial fisherman, construction workers, and outdoor adventurers of all kinds who demand high-performance outerwear that can keep up!

Most products shown here come in a variety of colors. Click on the photos below to learn more and order yours today through our Amazon affiliate service . 

Men's Shell Layer Clothing

Women's Shell Layer Clothing

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