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The Best Portable Camp Stoves and Cookware

The best camp stoves in the world

There is nothing quite like cooking out in the open air over a warm, cozy campfire. However, a campfire is not always the best option for preparing a hot meal or drink while on an outdoor adventure. In fact, sometimes it’s not an option at all! If you’re up in the mountains above the tree line, out on the tundra or tidal flats, in desert country, or in an exceptionally wet climate, you will either not have any wood to burn, or it will be too wet. In such environments, a portable/packable camp stove will be your only option for heating up a hearty pot of gas-inducing chili or water for your morning coffee or dehydrated meals. Not to mention, they come in handy for warming up your frozen hands and feet after being out in the cold all day, and, a variety of other chores around camp that require fast, ready-made heat and flame. Even in places where there is plenty of wood to burn, using a camp stove gets the job done super-fast, clean, and with no mess or lingering coals to worry about. Finally, they are also great to have around the house in an emergency or power outage situation.

A quality portable camp stove is a critical piece of gear, especially on those more serious adventures…far away from civilization and deep in the remote wilderness where the only helping hands are yours. As I constantly preach, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality gear, so spend a few extra bucks for a proven product, take good care of it, and it will take good care of you for many years to come.

I’ve used the same camp stove now for well over a decade (Coleman Dual Fuel) and it’s still going strong. Likewise, my hunting buddies and fellow guides that I have worked with over the years all have their favorite stoves as well, which I have seen in action and used myself on many great adventures all over Alaska and elsewhere. Without a doubt, the trifecta of camp stoves include MSR, Jetboil, and Coleman. Below are my top picks as well as accompanying cookware, based on durability, dependability, versatility, ease of use, and availability of fuel. Click on the images to learn more and order yours today through our Amazon affiliate service. (PLEASE NOTE- Fuel sold separately on all stoves)