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The Best Outdoor Edge Knives

I have used Outdoor Edge Knives for many years now, especially in the field while hunting and preparing game meat. Afterall, Outdoor Edge specializes in game processing knives. While they make many great products which I feature below, the model that I like the best, and which has in many ways revolutionized and simplified field care knives, is the Swing Blade. No longer does one need to carry a heavy pack of various styled blades to skin, gut, quarter, etc. This fantastic knife can do it all! The primary blade is a classic drop point design, while the blade on the other end, which “swings” around into the handle, is a unique finger-like design that can be used for many different field dressing and meat processing chores. I absolutely love this knife and constantly recommend it to hunters that I come into contact with everywhere!

Outdoor Edge Swing Blade Knife
The revolutionary design of the Outdoor Edge Swing Blade game processing knife.
Field dressing Alaskan Caribou
Field dressing and packing out the meat of a huge Alaskan caribou…a task made much easier with the Swing Blade!

The original model was a simple black color, but the new and improved Swing Blade sports a blaze orange handle, which makes losing it in a big nasty gut pile or leaf covered forest floor in low light, nearly impossible. It really stands out! Below are the Swing Blades, and other fantastic knives from Outdoor Edge.

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