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The Best Outdoor Knives

What Makes a Great Knife

Wild Revelation Outdoors doesn’t mess around with, or even consider field testing, reviewing, and using a knife unless it meets some vitally important, essential criteria. The knives that we use and promote are ones that are extremely rugged, reliable, and meant for punishing, heavy-duty use. They must be made from materials that can take a severe beating and continue to function perfectly. They are knives that your life can depend on…literally! Ever seen the movie 127 Hours? If Aron Ralston would have had a better knife he probably would have gotten out of his horrifying predicament much sooner! Here is what we look for in a knife of impeccable quality and uncompromising dependability…

Blade: High carbon steel or superior stainless-steel alloys. Blade material must be suitably hard, easy to sharpen, and possess long-term edge retention.

Handle Material: Non-slip synthetic materials such as micarta and zytel. While wood and bone are great for around-town knives, they can swell, deteriorate and crack in harsh environments over time…much like the wooden stock on a hunting rifle.

Edge Profile: I prefer classic designs such as the drop point, clip point, spear point, and tanto. I do not like crazy looking, gimmicky blades with serrated edges. A straight edged blade is easier to control, slices much smoother (when properly sharpened) and can quickly and easily be re-sharpened in the field with minimal tools or fuss.

Design: On fixed blade knives, I look primarily for full tang construction. For folding/pocket knives, I like models with fast, one-handed opening and closing mechanisms, as well as a trustworthy locking feature.

Feel: Naturally, a superior knife must be well balanced, and of reasonable weight. For fixed blades, I also look for a well-crafted sheath, and for folders, either a knife that is of comfortable pocket-carry weight, or includes a belt clip or belt looped case.

Below you will find a list of what we believe are truly some of the best outdoor knives in the world. Click on the knife images or captions for more information and order your new blade through our Amazon affiliate service today.