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Kershaw Blur Knives

Over the years I have used and field-tested dozens upon dozens of pocket knives, and only a few have met my personal, rather strict standards. At the top of the list is the Kershaw Blur series of knives. While working full time as an Alaskan guide a few seasons ago, I used my Blur pocket knife…and only my Blur pocket knife…to completely dress-out and process several blacktail deer, a caribou, and hundreds of salmon…all in one season alone, and that included skinning, gutting, quartering, separating bones, scraping hides, etc. Not to mention, that same knife was used all season for the rigorous daily chores that a guide must carry out in the remote backcountry of Alaska. In fact, I wrote Kershaw a letter and told them how impressed I was with their product. In return, Kershaw sent me a brand-new Blur knife in gratitude for taking the time to say thanks. Needless to say, I was quite impressed!

Joseph Classen hunting
Sitka blacktail deer hunting on Kodiak Island: testing ground for Kerhsaw knives.

Now, like many knife manufacturers these days, Kershaw has an American made line of products, as well as a line made in Asia. The Blur series of knives that I feature here are made in the USA from the finest, toughest materials, and designed by the legendary Ken Onion. They are thoughtfully created for functional, long-term use. The shape of the blade edge alone is perfectly designed to effortlessly slice through a wide variety of materials with ease, with little labor needed to restore its razor sharpness. Also, the one-handed, speed-assisted opening design is a big help when one is working alone and short on extra hands to help with a chore. The lightweight handle design is another added bonus of the Blur knives, which makes all day carry very comfortable. And finally, like all Kershaw knives, it has a lifetime warranty.

While there are lots of great knives out there, the Kershaw Blur is very hard to beat for overall design, quality of materials, functionality, and price. 

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