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Havalon Knives - Small Blades and Big Performance

When the replaceable blade knives came along and hit the scene several years ago, I, like many other serious outdoorsmen, was skeptical…to say the least! Many thought that a super lightweight knife that utilized thin, rather flimsy looking blades was a passing gimmick that would only appeal to folks who don’t know how to sharpen a knife worth a dang. After great hesitation, a hunting buddy of mine finally took one out to the field for a week-long duck hunt in Alaska. When he came back home, the first thing he showed me was his stitched up finger…which he severed to the bone…compliments of his new Havalon knife. “Damn! Is that thing sharp!!!” were his first words of review.

Havalon knives being put to work on an Alaskan duck hunt!
Havalon knives being put to work on an Alaskan duck hunt!

Havalon invented the world’s first “hunter’s scalpel,” having evolved from their parent company Havels, who make medical grade cutting tools. So, naturally, Havalon products are literally, surgically sharp. That degree of sharpness can be very hard to maintain and replicate with even the best stones and devices…thus the replaceable blades that can be switched out in seconds! And, while their knives may not be able to handle hacking through trees and elk bones, they can certainly hold their own, and actually waaaay outperform other blades with chores such as skinning and fine detail cutting for taxidermy prep work. Also, where Havalon products really shine in my opinion, is on smaller game where larger blades become very cumbersome. Havalon offers many different styles of replaceable blade knives. Click on the photos to find out more and order one today through our Amazon affiliate service.

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