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The Best Game & Fish Processing Equipment

The best meat, wild game, and fish processing equipment in the world

There are few things as satisfying as having filled your freezer with fresh organic meat and fish that you harvested yourself directly from nature. However, what’s even more satisfying, is processing and packaging that food yourself in a professional manner with professional-grade equipment. Not to mention, processing and packaging your own fish and game will save you big bucks in the long run. Doing it yourself covers the cost of all the equipment you need in just a season or two. And, to top it off, it’s great fun for family and friends to get together and make sausage, jerky, burgers, and a wide array of tasty treats from your harvest.

Of course, do-it-yourself processing requires the right gear. And take it from me, trying to process your own meat and fish…and lots of it…with cheap, poorly designed equipment will only be a time-consuming, extremely frustrating ordeal! You simply can’t get the job done with kitchen tools and devices that are made for cooking birthday cakes and spaghetti sauce. You need heavy-duty, reliable, high-quality products that are designed to get the job done as quickly, cleanly, and efficiently as possible. After having personally used and/or observed lots of processing equipment over the years, I can confidently say that products from LEM are my hands-down favorite. They make fantastic stuff that will last a lifetime…and beyond!

Below you will find virtually everything you need to start your own meat and fish processing adventure! You will, however, need some high-quality knives, which you can purchase here, and a top-quality vacuum sealer to finish the job, which you can get here.

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Meat Grinders


Jerky Making

Sausage Making

Heavy-Duty Cutting Boards

Miscellaneous Equipment