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Dexter-Russell Knives - Alaska Tested and Approved!

Like most fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, the fillet knives that I used for a good portion of my life were ones that I purchased at the fishing department from my local sporting goods stores. They were your usual, skinny, cheap, stainless steel, flimsy-blade designed knives that would hold an edge for maybe long enough to fillet a bluegill or two, and that was about it. Not much has changed over the years. In my experience, the quality of most consumer-grade fillet knives on the market are barely fit for the occasional weekend angler, let alone for serious, subsistence and commercial fishermen of the likes that I have met in Alaska.

Upon moving to Kodiak Island in 2011 and plunging myself deep into the local fishing culture, which is the heart and soul of the community…not to mention the economic backbone…I learned a thing or two about top-quality, industrial-strength fillet and meat processing knives. No matter if it was on the deck of a sport fishing charter boat, a commercial salmon seiner, in the hands of an army of fish processing plant workers, or on the kitchen counters of local residents, the knives that I saw virtually everywhere, on an overwhelmingly consistent basis, were those made by Dexter.

Dexter-Russell, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States and is a combination of the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: The Harrington Cutlery Company (Established in 1818) and the John Russell Cutlery Company (1834). Together, these two visionary businessmen and master craftsmen produced a line of kitchen and table cutlery that soon gained a reputation for being the best in America’s homes and restaurants.

Today, that same tradition of quality and variety continues, as Dexter-Russell produces the broadest line of professional cutlery made by any single manufacturer in the world. So if you are serious about processing your own fish and/or game, or just need some high-performance, yet affordable, cooking cutlery for the kitchen, then look no further than Dexter-Russell knives.

The best fillet knives in the world

The Importance of sharpness

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to process fish, meat, or other food items and having to exert tremendous force to get the job done. Dull knives produce sloppy, time-consuming work, and they are also very dangerous! The vast majority of knife accidents in the outdoors, around the house, or in the kitchen result from dull blades, which again, require tremendous force in order to penetrate whatever one intends to cut. And, that excessive force often results in slipping and getting hurt. A razor-sharp blade requires very little effort to cut and enables the user to fully control the blade at all times, resulting in fast, clean work…which is especially important in processing fish and meat. (See my blog about knife sharpening to learn more)

Dexter knife blades are made from materials such as high-carbon and stainless steel alloys that possess excellent sharpness retention and can easily be resharpened to a razor’s edge with very little effort. While they make dozens and dozens of different model knives, the ones featured below are their most popular and practical for fish and game processing, as well as general cooking chores.

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