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CRKT Knives – Quality at an Affordable Price

Knives are much like shoes these days…it’s getting harder and harder to find ones that are made in the USA. Many of the big-name shoe companies out there are American owned and run businesses at the executive level, but most of their products are made overseas from way overpriced, not-so-great materials. Sadly, the same is true of many once all-American knife manufactures. While several of the legendary, big-name companies have their roots firmly planted in the soil of American pride and are run primarily by folks from the USA, a good portion of their actual blades are made in foreign countries.

Keep in mind though, not all foreign-made steel is bad. Countries like Germany, Spain, and Japan have produced some of the greatest, toughest blades in history! Check out this awesome video about the making of the Samurai sword and you’ll see what we mean!

Another of my favorite knife manufacturers that, like many, are American owned and operated, but produce both US and foreign made blades is CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool). CRKT started up in 1994, and currently is based in Tualatin, Oregon. Like the good folks at Benchmade Knives, some of the fast-opening blade designs that CRKT creates and produces are frowned upon and have legal restrictions in other states…but not so in Oregon!

CRKT works with some of the best knife designers on earth, like the legendary Ken Onion, and many others, such as Harold “Kit” Carson, Allen Elishewitz, Pat Crawford, Liong Mah, Steven James, Greg Lightfoot, Michael Walker, Ron Lake, Tom Veff, Steve Ryan, and the Graham Brothers. CRKT has led the way in knife innovation with their fast opening and secure locking mechanisms. They own fifteen patents and patents pending, which are often feebly modified and cheaply copied by lesser manufacturers.

Whether as an every-day carry blade, or for something much more demanding, CRKT knives are among my top picks for high quality, dependable cutting tools…at an affordable price. Below are what I believe to be some of the most practical and useful CRKT knives. Click on the knife photos to find out more or to order one today through our Amazon affiliate service.

More to come!