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Buck Knives - Quality Since 1902

Growing up as a kid in the Midwest, among hardworking blue-collar folks and people of all ages who loved the great outdoors, Buck knives were among the most revered and respected of all the brands on the market. In fact, the name “Buck” was synonymous with outdoor knives in general, especially hunting style and folding pocket knives. While many of us kids in the neighborhood would start out with a pocket knife of not-so-great quality…usually something we bought at the local hardware store or bait shop with our saved up allowance…it was everyone’s dream to someday possess a Buck knife…specifically a model 110, which was the king of pocket knives! If you had a model 110 knife, you were in! You were part of an elite group that took great pride in their cutlery and were always quick to expose lookalike imposter knives that other kids would try to pawn off as being a genuine Buck knife. There was simply no substitute! And, if you were lucky enough to have a Buck model 119 or 120 fixed blade knife, you were unquestionably the top dog outdoorsman kid!

Buck 110 review
The legendary Buck 110 – the king of folding pocket knives!

For many generations, Buck knives were the standard by which all others were judged, as well as the prototype for which countless other lesser manufactures shamelessly copied. The first Buck knife was produced in 1902, by Hoyt Buck, who at the time was a young Kansas blacksmith who was looking for a better way to temper steel so it would hold an edge longer. Hoyt made each of his knives by hand, using worn-out file blades as the primary raw material for the blade. As he perfected his craft, his work grew in appreciation during the World War II era, and Hoyt and his family eventually set up shop in 1945 under the name H.H. Buck and Son in San Diego California.

After Hoyt’s death, Al kept the knife business going which became known as Buck Knives, Inc. in 1961. Shortly thereafter, in 1964, the knife industry was revolutionized with the introduction of the legendary Model 110 Folding Hunter, making Buck Knives an undisputed leader in the field. Al later introduced his son, Chuck, to the business who eventually went on to become CEO and ultimately ran the company until 1999, until turning things over to his son, CJ, who is the current CEO and president of the company.

Having a long history of being a family run, faith-filled company, that dynamic is also present in their business model, as they strive to treat their customers as part of one big family. This is especially reflected by means of their Forever Warranty. Every Buck knife is warrantied to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife, and if defective, it will be repaired or replaced with a new one. Naturally, like most quality knife manufactures though, this warranty does not cover replacing knives that simply wear out from normal use, or get damaged by trying to do crazy things with them. Also, like many knife companies today, Buck has an American made line as well as a line of products manufactured overseas. Wild Revelation Outdoors features only their American made knives.

While many of the legendary fixed blade knives that Buck has produced over the years are not full-tang construction designs, we still offer them and recommend them for more general purpose hunting and camping use. More recently though, Buck has been producing fantastic full-tang construction knives that we highly recommend.

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