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The Best Binoculars for Outdoor Adventure

Quality optics are essential for many outdoor pursuits such as wildlife viewing and hunting as well as other activities that require sharp, long distance vision and crystal clear magnification. A good pair of binoculars can be the difference between spotting (and ultimately harvesting) a target animal on a hunt or going home empty-handed. Not to mention, binoculars can save you miles of needless walking and wasted energy when out in the wilds by being able to identify obstacles, navigable routes, and other features of your surroundings that you otherwise would not be able to clearly evaluate with the naked eye.

Along with long distance viewing applications, a good set of binos can also be a major tool for enjoyment and success for shorter distance purposes, such as watching tiny birds and other critters hidden in the nearby treetops, or looking for bedded deer in the thick brush while on a close-quarters spot and stalk archery hunt. No matter the activity, quality optics greatly enhance the experience and stack the deck in your favor on goal-oriented outings.

There are lots of options out there for binoculars and many brands to choose from. But, as always, a select few rise to the top among a sea of cheap, worthless products that will fail you. In my younger days when I was scrambling to make a buck and money was tight (as it still is!), I had no choice but to buy and use optics that were subpar, at best. In fact, they were so poor, that I hardly ever even used them at all. As I got older and had a few more dollars in my pocket, I finally invested in a good set of binoculars…Leopolds, to be more specific! And, am I glad I did! What a world of difference! They have been a major winning factor on many successful hunts and have even saved my life on occasion by allowing me to clearly see the path of certain death that was before me up in the mountains. As I relentlessly preach, you get what you pay for with quality outdoor gear. While I was hesitant to cough up several hundred bucks for my binos, again, I’m very glad I did, as they have continued to perform flawlessly for many years now, have been a joy to use, and have also survived all the punishment I’ve put them through.

I won’t get into all the fine details about lens shapes and materials, focusing mechanisms, and all the rest, as that is something you can read about in the product descriptions for the optics I recommend below, but I will offer some thoughts on what features I suggest for serious hunting, wildlife viewing, and wilderness expedition purposes. First of all, I advise binoculars that are medium strength, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8x to 12x power. Anything much smaller and weaker than that and you can probably do without them in the first place and a super high-power pair will be quite unstable when viewing though them (unless you have a secure mount or sturdy rest) as well as source of great eyestrain and consequential headaches. Don’t forget, you will most likely be using your binos for hours at a time throughout the day…especially while hunting…where you may be using them for very loooooong hours for days on end!

The Best hunting Binoculars in the World!Let your eyes do the walking instead of your feet!

Another quality to look for is a set that is not too big and bulky to have around your neck or on a harness close to your body, a pair that is comfortable to hold and operate and that simply feels good in your hands and on your eyes. Too small of a design and it will be like looking through and handling skinny toilet paper tubes all day, and too big of a design will prove unwieldy and too heavy after a while. I recommend something in a medium-sized design for overall functionality, pack-ability, comfort, and ease of use. Finally, serious outdoor optics need to be built tough, able to take a beating from Mother Nature, and still perform flawlessly. The binoculars featured below from Leupold, Vortex, and Steiner are ones that will do just that and that I can highly recommend. Click on the photos to find out more and order yours today through our Amazon affiliate service.