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The Best Action Cameras

Action cameras are getting more and more popular these days as hit TV shows, as well as social media, is flooded with spectacular video footage of unimaginable stunts and outdoor adventures from all over the world. Whether it’s daredevil skydiving or deep sea fishing, today’s action cameras can capture stunning video of it all…even up to 5K resolution and at speeds high enough to produce professional-grade ultra-slow motion scenes. The creative potential of these small but mighty cameras is simply incredible! They have truly revolutionized the art of video production…for professionals as well as hobbyists. The compact size and tremendous durability of today’s action cameras have made possible the filming of action scenarios and subjects in extreme environments which cameras of the not-so-distant past simply would not have been able to capture. It’s truly amazing that a tiny camera which can fit in the palm of your hand or can be strapped to your hat is able to capture video footage that in many cases surpasses that of Hollywood production studios!

Along with the unlimited potential to capture your extreme outdoor adventures, action cameras can also be used to simply shoot high-definition video of not-so-extreme subjects or settings, such as holiday gatherings or backyard foolery. Personally, I use my GoPro to capture footage of subjects from nature in weather conditions or circumstances that a much larger video camera or DSLR camera would never be able to function in. Not to mention, trying to do some of the things with a rather delicate, designated video camera or DSLR that you can do with an action camera would be a very costly, expensive mistake, as they are not designed to take such a beating.

While action cameras are designed to shoot static scenes…that is, scenes from a single perspective that do not zoom in and out, they can be set up to accommodate various angles, from narrow to super-wide. Also, most action cameras have a variety of speed, lighting, and color settings that allow for more customized filming of a particular scene or event. Not to mention, many GoPros and other action cameras can capture wonderful time-lapse footage! Again, the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with one of these awesome little cameras. They truly open up a whole new world of photographic/video adventure!

While there are many action cameras on the market to choose from, GoPros are simply the best. All others are cheap imitations. GoPro also has great customer service to help you with any problems you may have along the way.

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