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Alaska is the ultimate testing ground for outdoor gear of any kind, but especially camping gear. Whether it’s the savage, hurricane force winds or monstrous waves and tides that rip through the southern coastal areas, the impenetrable forests and swamps of the interior, or the brutal, deadly cold of the Arctic, the Alaskan wilderness will chew up, spit out, and kick the living heck out of whatever gear you bring along on an adventure, or, for work. If camping gear can stand up to the punishment of the 49th state, you can bet your life that it will perform beyond expectation anywhere else in the world. 

During my years on Kodiak Island, and many other areas of Alaska, where I’ve spent a great deal of time working as a guide, exploring, and adventuring, I’ve seen, and personally experienced, things like tents, and entire camps, being literally blown off the side of mountains or washed away by torrential rain and flooding rivers. I’ve had gear freeze up in subzero temperatures and become totally inoperable. On top of all that, I’ve seen grizzly and black bears rip apart and destroy all sorts of things with ease…making chew toys out of heavy duty rafts, ATV’s, and a wide variety of camping gear. The Coast Guard has had to come to the rescue of more than a few ill-prepared or unfortunate outdoor enthusiasts when the gear they chose failed them and mother nature simply kicked them out of her domain.

The camping gear that I recommend here at Wild Revelation Outdoors is without question some of the highest quality and toughest on earth. It is gear that I either own and use myself, that I have used while on adventures with friends, or that legendary adventurers and other Alaskan guides have recommended. Like anything else regarding outdoor equipment, you get what you pay for. You can waste lots of money by investing in cheap, garbage gear that will break down and fail constantly…which may even result in you dying…or you can buy high-quality products the first time, take care of those items, and have them last a lifetime. Take my advice to heart, DO NOT SKIMP on the quality of essential camping gear! Again, your life can depend on the gear you choose, so choose and use the best!

Hunting on Kodiak Island, Alaska
The beginning of a nasty storm that set in for several days during an adventure on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Top-quality camping gear is a must when at the mercy of the remote wilderness!

Death from exposure is the greatest killer of all in the outdoors. Choosing clothing (and a sleeping bag) that will keep you warm and dry, especially in adverse conditions, is critical. Likewise, the tent or shelter that you choose for an extended stay in the outdoors is of vital importance. Don’t forget the four sacred elements of survival: shelter, water, fire, food. The shelter/tent you choose is essential! A tent that is rated as a “four season” model will be able to handle most any situation when setting up on top of a good ground tarp for added insulation and protection. Four season tents generally have stronger poles and are constructed with much tougher materials than two or three season tents. Four season models are a bit heavier, but in my opinion, a little extra weight is worth a strong, secure shelter. Keep in mind, too, that a tent is not necessarily designed to keep you warm…that’s what your clothing and sleeping bag is for. A tent is designed to protect you from the elements: wind, precipitation, etc. A tent that can be well ventilated is also an important part of a good design, as condensation build up on the inside of a tent can produce a lot of unwanted moisture to deal with. Whether you need a super heavy duty, bomb-proof family sized tent, or a pack-able shelter/tent for a solo adventure, you’ll find the best below. Click on the photos below to learn more and order yours today through our Amazon affiliate service .