nature and wildlife photography by Joseph Classen

Small Subjects Gallery

Living in the high-speed, super-sized world of our modern culture, we are greatly influenced, both consciously and subconsciously, to move fast and think big! This especially can have an affect on how we see things, literally. The most important piece of equipment that a photographer has is his or her well trained eyes. The best camera in the world is utterly worthless if one does not have a developed sense of awareness to seek out beauty, recognize it in overlooked places, and learn to instinctively predict where it will materialize. As I constantly preach, the key factor in developing both a photographer’s eye, and this heightened sense awareness, is to slooooooow dooooown. When I find myself in popular tourist areas, whether of a natural or urban setting, I often see photographers madly rushing about, as if in a race, meanwhile, passing right by so many incredible photographic opportunities. When one begins to slow down, waaaaaay down, a whole other hidden world is revealed, which can be a rich source of gaining both new inspiration and new subject material to focus one’s efforts on.

Leaning to look small, to carefully investigate the tiny, yet captivating intricacies of subjects that often go completely overlooked will provide one with hours of photography fun and some amazing images! This gallery is a collection of such images.