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Simms Fishing Waders and Apperal

Simply the Best Fishing Waders Available

Simms makes the best fishing waders on the planet. Period! While there are many other quality bands on the market to choose from, none can rival the dependability, performance, and customer support of Simms. Proudly made in the USA, in Bozeman Montana, Simms has been designing and manufacturing products for uncompromising fishermen since the 1980s. Yes, Simms is slightly more expensive than other brands. However, the quality of their products is truly that much better than their competitors. When you buy a pair of waders from Simms you’re not only investing in a world-class piece of fishing gear, you’re also establishing a relationship with a company who is dedicated to your total satisfaction, who genuinely wants you as a lifetime customer, and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

I have spent many summers on Kodiak Island, Alaska, literally living in my Simms waders while working as a fishing guide. I’ve waded miles upon miles of rivers and coastal beaches while chasing salmon and other fish, and I’ve also worn my Simms on countless duck hunts and while sloshing through swamps and hiking the mountains in pursuit of a variety of big game. The durability of their products continues to blow my mind! And let me tell you, that’s very hard to do when it comes to outdoor gear!

World-class Fishing Apparel  

Along with making the best waders on the market, Simms also produces a wide variety of other fishing apparel, such as jackets, rain gear, sun and bug protective clothing, etc. These products, too, are manufactured with impeccable attention to detail and functional, durable design. Simms fishing gear is made by fisherman for fisherman.

Wild Revelation Outdoors has been a member of the Simms Pro Program for many years now and we are very excited to also now be a member of their affiliate sales program. Simply click on the category of Simms fishing gear you’re interested in from the menu below, and start shopping today!

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