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The best outdoor gear in the world

Don’t waste your time and money on worthless gear! If Wild Revelation Outdoors endorses it, you can confidently buy it! 

A common saying in Alaska is, “There is no such thing as a bad day…just bad gear!”  When Wild Revelation Outdoors promotes equipment and clothing as ‘The best in the world,’ we mean it! If outdoor gear passes the Alaska test, you can trust that it is truly the best! Gear that may perform fine in most areas of the lower 48 is often chewed up and spit out in a matter of days, or even hours, in the extreme Alaskan wilderness. When you are waaaaay off the beaten path, with no roads in or out, your life literally depends on the clothing and equipment you choose. At Wild Revelation Outdoors, you will, indeed, find the best!

Wild Revelation Outdoors was born on Kodiak Island, Alaska, home of the biggest brown bears on earth, the largest Coast Guard base in the country, the cold weather warfare training facility for the Navy Seals, and Alaska’s largest commercial fishing fleet. Needless to say, there are some tough folks on Kodiak, and the lives they live absolutely demand outdoor gear that is uncompromisingly dependable.

Joe Classen and Wild Revelation Outdoors work as an affiliate marketer for a wide variety of outdoor, photography, and other related products. The items that Joe reviews and promotes are ones that he has personally field tested, or, that have been recommended to him by a network of Alaskan guides, construction workers, commercial fisherman, military personnel, adventurers, professional photographers and others whose productivity depends on their gear. 

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