Wild Revelation Outdoors, Joseph Classen

Shoot Cold! Winter Photography

Shake the seasonal blues and make winter your most creative time of year! Winter is a relatively untapped season for many photographers. As renowned nature photographer Joseph Classen proves, though, if you venture out, you’re sure to discover a remarkable array of photo opportunities. You’ll learn to recognize the obvious and overlooked subjects, both big and small, and to capitalize on what Mother Nature provides. In this beautifully illustrated book, you’ll discover intelligent approaches to preparing for each wintry photo outing and employing the best techniques for capturing subjects in all genres of winter photography—from nature and wildlife photography, to night and astrophotography, to urban, industrial, holiday photography, action and adventure, and more. Classen will also provide great tips for winterizing your camera gear—and keeping your body safe in cold climates. As you make your way through the book, you’ll gain a new appreciation for winter photography and will even begin to look forward to “shooting cold.” 

Whether you are seeking creative, new ideas to beat the winter blues, or simply enjoy a wide variety of spectacular winter photography, this book is sure to please!