Salmon Recipes from the Wild – An Alaskan Salmon Cookbook – New Book by Joseph Classen



Salmon fishing is the cultural and economic backbone for many communities throughout Alaska. For those who live there, preparing and eating these delicious and nutritious fish is a way of life. When you eat salmon almost every day, however, you have to learn to get creative with it! Join author and outdoorsman Joseph Classen on a culinary adventure that all started on Kodiak Island: a major epicenter of Alaska salmon fishing and a resourceful, multicultural community that has learned to serve up salmon in many unique ways.

Different Fish – Different Flavor – Different Recipes

The five species of wild caught Pacific salmon come in a variety of sizes and they each have different flavors, nutritional profiles, appearances, and textures. This variety creates many distinctive cooking opportunities that are often overlooked by those who don’t regularly prepare or consume these amazing fish.

Explore a Whole New World of Possibilities!

Break out of the “one size fits all” mentality for preparing salmon. As you will discover in this book, what may be ideal for cooking one species of salmon will not be so favorable for cooking another. Salmon Recipes from the Wild will help you “think outside the box” and learn to effectively utilize all five species of salmon, especially the ones that don’t get all the glory and attention, such as the poor, persecuted pink salmon as well as the chum salmon.

Topics and Features Include:

  • The vital role that salmon play in the economy and ecosystems where they live
  • An overview of the five species of Pacific salmon
  • The nutritional benefits of wild caught salmon
  • How to care for your salmon when catching it yourself to ensure optimal flavor
  • How to properly package, store, freeze, and thaw salmon
  • Vitally important salmon cooking tips to ensure the best meal possible
  • 55 delicious multicultural recipes, including grilled salmon recipes, baked and broiled salmon recipes, appetizers, snacks, smoked salmon recipes, salmon soups and stews, and popular “potluck” salmon recipes
  • Dozens of full-color photographs of Alaska salmon fishing life and culture
  • Makes a great gift for cooking enthusiasts or fishermen!

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