Photo of the Month – The Dick Proenneke Cabin at Twin Lakes, Alaska

The famous Dick Proenneke cabin at Twin Lakes, Alaska.

Back in 2012 I set out on what would become one of my most memorable Alaskan adventures to date: a solo wilderness trip to the famous Dick Proenneke Cabin at Twin Lakes, Alaska. You can read all about that adventure, learn more about the legendary Dick Proenneke, and check out photos and videos from that adventure by clicking here.

A few years after that trip, I received a call from Bob Swerer, who produced the smash hit PBS films about Dick’s life and times at Twin Lakes, who asked me if I’d be interested in contributing to an upcoming photo album/coffee table book. Naturally, I was blown away at the notion of being part of such a project, as Dick is one of my outdoor idols! It was several more years in the making, but the book has finally been released! You can order it here. 

Joe Classen with the new Dick Proenneke Photo Album Book
Joe Classen with the new Dick Proenneke Photo Album Book

Joe Classen - Dick Proenneke Book

To celebrate the release of the new book (which is loaded with many photos from my 2012 trip) the photo of the month for January is that of Dick’s iconic Alaska wilderness cabin, which is now an official Alaska historical site.

As with all images featured in the Photo of the Month blog, a large sized print (16 x 24 for this image) is available in any style at a 25% discount…but only during the month it is featured…so act now if you’d like one!

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