Photo of the Month – “Red House” – Buskin River Winter Cabin

A beautiful winter landscape photo of a cabin along the Busking River, Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

This winter landscape photo is of a little red utility cabin along the Buskin River, on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Being a life-long Jimi Hendrix fan, the name “Red House” immediately came to mind when considering a title for this photo.

The Buskin River is one of the most popular rivers on the Kodiak Island road system, as it is just a few miles outside of town, supports a healthy run of sockeye, pink, silver, chum, and an occasional king salmon, as well as steelhead. It’s also a popular hangout for bears, eagles, and foxes during the late summer and autumn months, who come to feed on the spawning fish.

This particular shot was obviously taken in the dead of winter. In fact, the river was barely visible and completely frozen over in many spots. I had to hike in to get this photo as the road was closed due to a dangerously thick layer of ice, so I strapped on my ice cleats and headed through the winter wonderland! The Buskin is a picturesque river any time of year, but that particular winter it was especially beautiful in the isolation and stillness of the frozen surroundings.

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