Photo of the Month – Kodiak Bear Bonding #1

A sow Kodiak brown bear spends some time bonding with her cub at Frazer lake. Joseph Classen

The featured photograph for this month is of a Kodiak brown bear sow and cub who I was able to watch and photograph for an entire morning and early afternoon. They spent their time swimming together, catching and eating salmon, climbing up and down a riverside cliff, and just having a great time! It was heartwarming fun to watch the cute little cub follow her mother around all day, imitate what she was doing, and even striking many of the same poses. The mother was very patient and seemed to be enjoying the bonding time as much as her cub. The photos from that shoot remain some of my all-time favorite and most popular bear images to date. This particular image was also featured by the Smithsonian Institute for their travel program several years ago.

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To see more photos and video footage of these bears, check out the video version of this story by clicking here.

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How to photograph bears. Photography book. Joseph Classen.
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