Photo of the Month – Bald Eagle “Songbirds”

A pair of bald eagles sing while enjoying a meal on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

Every year about this time on Kodiak Island, what I refer to as the Bald Eagle Invasion is in full swing! Here is a video of last year’s action to give you an idea about what I’m referring to.

With both the eagle invasion underway and Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I’d choose this bald eagle pair image for the Photo of the Month. Bald eagles are monogamous, and although they spend much time alone, especially during the winters and while migrating around from place to place, an eagle couple will nonetheless remain together and mate year after year, often returning to the same nest each spring to hatch their young. It’s been an incredible privilege to observe many of these eagle couples around Kodiak Alaska over the years, such as the pair featured here.

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