New Book Release – Eat the Enemy! Turning the Asian Carp Invasion into Healthy Delicious Cuisine

Eat the Enemy! Turning the Asian Carp Invasion into Healthy, Delicious Cuisine. A Complete Guide to Catching and Cooking Asian Carp, Including 50 Mouthwatering Asian Carp Recipes!

The last few weeks have busy with finishing up and finally releasing my new book entitled Eat the Enemy! – Turning the Asian Carp Invasion into Healthy, Delicious Cuisine. This book is designed to be a motivational tool to inform the public about the ecological disaster these fish are causing, and more so, to get people inspired to make use of this resource. Fisheries biologists all across the country firmly agree that the only way to manage this invasive species is to create a long-term, large-scale harvesting and utilization effort. And, the essential key to creating an active, ongoing harvest is to address the overwhelmingly negative preconceived notions that the public have about these fish. People desperately need to be educated about how incredibly nutritious and delicious these fish are (and how much fun they are to catch!) as the first step to making use of this resource and to ultimately help stop their ever-increasing environmental destruction.

Eat the Enemy is a complete guide to harvesting and utilizing this organic, beyond-sustainable, wild-caught, locally harvested food source, which is currently going mostly to waste. The book explores the following topics:

  • Foreword by Dr. Quinton Phelps: a leading expert on the Asian carp epidemic
  • An overview of the Asian carp invasion and ecosystem destruction
  • The autobiographical adventure story of a river rat catfishing kid turned Alaskan fishing guide, who upon his return to the Midwest was in search of worthy table fare
  • A biological and nutritional profile of Asian carp
  • Detailed Asian carp fishing and processing methods
  • A cookbook component with 50 mouth-watering Asian carp recipes

Click here to order and find out more. In the meantime, join the Asian carp revolution and please help me spread the word about this new book…especially to your fishing and conservation-minded friends who live in areas where the Asian carp epidemic is at its worst!