New Book! Alaska Hunting – A Quickstart Guide for Planning a DIY Alaska Hunting Adventure

New Book! Alaska Hunting - A Quickstart Guide for Planning a DIY Alaska Hunting Adventure

Hunting the big game and big land of Alaska is the ultimate dream and a once in a lifetime opportunity for many outdoor enthusiasts. But unfortunately, for many hunters, that dream never becomes a reality due to several factors, including the perceived high cost of an Alaska adventure and the seemingly overwhelming task of preparing for such a trip. Where does one even begin with planning the Alaska hunting adventure of a lifetime? Well my friends, I’m here to help answer those questions and get you on the right track with my latest publication: Alaska Hunting – A Quickstart Guide for Planning a DIY Alaska Hunting Adventure. In this relatively brief, to-the-point booklet, we’ll explore the topic of planning a do-it-yourself Alaska hunt, including some ideas about how to do so on a budget.

To introduce myself to those who are unfamiliar with my work, my name is Joe Classen and I’m an author, photographer and videographer, guide, and a lifelong outdoorsman. I grew up hunting and fishing in Missouri and from a very young age, I developed a thirst to explore the Great Land of Alaska. In my early twenties, I began to quench that thirst and I started fishing and hunting all over Alaska until I eventually moved there in 2011 and later started working as a fishing and wilderness adventure guide on Kodiak Island. Rather selfishly I admit, I never guided hunters, as it cut into my own hunting time! However, I strive to educate hunters through my writing, consulting, and media work, as seeing and experiencing the wild beauty of Alaska is something that I simply never tire of and love sharing with others.

In this new booklet, you’ll save hours of time in researching things for yourself and instantly learn the essentials of what it will take to make your dream of hunting Alaska come true. You’ll discover what to expect throughout the entire planning process as well as on the actual hunt. Packed with valuable information, this publication serves as an Alaska hunting quickstart guide and planning resource for do-it-yourself, “self-guided” hunters, especially budget-minded non-residents. Topics include:

  • Alaska hunting reality check and the mindset for success
  • Game animal and hunting location selection
  • The biggest expenses for Alaska hunting and how to save money
  • Game meat and trophy care
  • Physical and mental preparation for your hunt
  • Alaska hunting gear and what to pack
  • Action items and resources to learn more and start moving forward

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