Monashka Creek Reflection #1

Monashka Creek Reflection. Kodiak Island Alaska. Joseph Classen.

One of the many things that have kept me busy during the summer months is the guide service that I operate. I have spent many hours taking clients from all over the world to the most spectacular areas on Kodiak Island for them to photograph and enjoy the land where I have been so blessed to live. I don’t bring along my camera gear while I am with clients, as I want to focus 100% on them capturing the images they want. I have to admit though, there are many outings that I really, really, really wish I had my own camera handy!

One particular summer, after many weeks and many outings with my photography guide clients, I finally had a day to do some shooting myself. I got up very early and made the rounds to some of the best locations I had been taking clients to recently. It was such a joy to rediscover how much fun it is, how refreshing, and how life-giving it is to explore the magnificently beautiful lands of Alaska and capture the sights and the memories with one’s camera. This photograph is of Monashka Creek, an area I have visited countless times, but forgot how beautiful it is in the early morning light, when all is still and peaceful, and the only creatures stirring are the bald eagles, Kodiak bears, and blacktail deer.

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