nature and wildlife photography by Joseph Classen

Miscellaneous Subjects Gallery

This gallery is a collection of images that just didn’t seem to fit anywhere else, as the subject matter is quite diverse, and in some cases, rather strange and even graphic and disgusting! Most of these photos are of things I encountered while seeking out other specific, intended subjects. For example, the photos of the beached gray whale, which was killed by a pod of orcas, is something I came across while looking for eagles. They are rather disturbing images, but nonetheless, it’s not exactly something you come across every day! Or, another example, the photos of the cow who survived being attacked by a Kodiak bear. Not what I was expecting to find while heading out to photograph the ocean. In fact, as you will see in this gallery, there is quite a bit of dead stuff. I’m not some kind of a morbid nut, but there is a powerful dynamic in images that represent the cycle of life…as that too, is just as present in nature as all the pretty subjects. 

As you will see, there are also many images in this gallery that have nothing to do with nature at all. It’s not too often that I intentionally shoot subjects that are not of the nature and wildlife genre, but I do at times, and have included some of those images here as well.