nature and wildlife photography by Joseph Classen

Miscellaneous Alaska Wildlife Gallery

Wildlife photographer Joseph Classen on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Heading out on yet another Alaskan wildlife photography adventure.

As all of creation begins to come to life and basks in the morning sun, a magnificent beast emerges before you; it simply materializes out of the shadows and evaporating mist. The excitement and privilege of witnessing such an overwhelmingly beautiful, hidden moment, makes the heart beat wildly. It’s just you and your camera that can capture, immortalize, and share such a rare experience. It’s a moment in which much of humanity will never experience anything like it, a moment that is genuinely priceless, a moment that will be cherished for a lifetime, and beyond. This is what I love about wildlife photography!

I’ve watched and photographed thousands of wild animals over the years in some of the wildest places in North America. I’ve spent entire days, from sun up to sun down, for weeks at a time, perched thirty feet up in a tiny tree stand, carefully watching the ways of wildlife. I’ve hiked along thousand year old bear trails…still used by thousand pound bears. I’ve had many unforgettable adventures while capturing my wildlife images. The ones featured here are among my favorite from Alaska. (May I humbly recommend my wildlife photography book if you’d like to learn more.)