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Kodiak Bear Speed – How Fast Can a Kodiak Bear Run?

Kodiak Bear Speed – How Fast Can a Kodiak Bear Run?

The Kodiak brown bear is the biggest bear in the world, and while a huge, full-grown Kodiak may seem like a slow, lumbersome beast as it casually saunters around the wilderness or along a salmon stream, these massive burins can also be astonishingly fast when they want to. Kodiak bears, and most other bears in North America for that matter, tend to appear rather lazy much of time in their natural habitats. They rather slowly lumber across the land, to and fro, without much sense of hurry or haste. It’s common to see bears laying around, taking naps for hours at a time, dreaming away the summer days…only to then take a really long nap in the winter. Kodiak bears, like any other wild animals, will generally do all they can to preserve their hard-earned calories which they need for survival, and they don’t waste their precious energy reserves needlessly. But make no mistake…they can move lightning fast when they need to or want to!

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Kodiak bears typically don’t expend the energy needed to chase down, kill, and eat other large prey animals like the grizzly bears of the mainland of Alaska do. But when Kodiak bears do decide to chase after something either as a meal or as an offensive or defensive attack, they can do so with the speed and tenacity of an NFL superstar! While the average walking pace of a Kodiak bear is around 3 mph, Kodiak bears can run at a dead sprint at 35 to 40 miles per hour. And when startled or threatened, a Kodiak bear can violently lash out in an instant, like a savage uppercut from Mike Tyson! So again, while these majestic beasts usually appear rather slow as they peacefully wander around the wilderness, don’t let their unhurried demeanor fool you, underneath all that fur and muscle is a creature that can run as fast as a tiger!

The Adventures of King Kodiak, The Biggest Brown Bear in the World, Joseph Classen
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