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Keen Footwear – The perfect combination of function, aesthetics, and comfort.

Keen Footwear Review

I got my first pair of Keens in 2012, and unlike any pair of shoes I have ever owned before, they were still in one piece and going strong after many years of hard, daily use in both indoor and outdoor settings. I wore my Keens to the office, out and about around town, and also on the hiking trail. In fact, I even got married in that same pair of shoes! With a little polish and simple routine shoe maintenance, my Keens have continued to look and feel great! They are the most comfortable and durable shoes I have ever owned, and I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for the perfect combination of function and aesthetics in any environment: city/urban or off the beaten path.

Joseph Classen Alaska wedding.
Here I am with my beautiful bride on a Kodiak Island beach…wearing my Keens!

Like many quality outdoor products these days, Keens are made by an American footwear company based in Oregon, and they have been around since 2003. Below are their most popular designs. Click on the shoe photos to learn more and order a pair today.

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