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KA-BAR Knives - An American Legend

The first fixed blade knife that I ever laid my hands on was my dad’s vintage Ka-Bar Mark I which he acquired during his years in the military. He kept that knife readily accessible anytime we headed out on camping or fishing trips as it was one of his most dependable blades, as it could easily handle any chore that came along while in the great outdoors. I can vividly recall the rugged feel of that knife and being impressed by the solid craftsmanship. And, after many decades of use and abuse, that knife is still going strong, ready to take on whatever adventures may come!

Ka-Bar has been making high-quality military, hunting, survival, and outdoor knives since 1898, and each knife they produce must live up to a high set of standards in regard to corrosion resistance, strength, edge retention, and sharpness.

Ka-Bar is most well known for their legendary 1942 knife which became the standard issue fighting and utility knife for the United States Marine Corps and was also put to use by other branches of the military. In the years that followed, many Ka-Bar knives were unofficially reactivated and used by our troops during the Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom conflicts.

Ka-Bar is best known for their legendary WW II USMC Fighting and Utility knife.
Ka-Bar is best known for their legendary WW II USMC Fighting and Utility knife.

While the original USMC Fighting and Utility Knife remains a top choice for many men and women of the military, and it’s also a revered blade among serious outdoorsmen and adventurers all over the world, it’s personally not one of our top picks for super heavy duty outdoor knives, as it’s not a full-tang construction design. However, since it is such a legendary knife, and is great for most of what one may encounter in the outdoors, we still offer it here at Wild Revelation Outdoors. What we really like and highly recommend from Ka-Bar are their more recent, full-tang construction models which are designed to take much more of a beating than their more traditional military style knives from the days of yesteryear. All the Ka-Bar knives that we feature are proudly made in the USA.

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