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Irish Setter Boots- These Dogs Can Hunt!

Irish Setter Boots Review

Irish Setter Boots’ motto is “Purpose-built by hunters and workers,” and let me tell you, they mean it! They are the official hunting boot sponsor of esteemed conservation organizations such as Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever and are the boot of choice for many hunters all over the world…including me! While I wear my Xtratuf Elites in wet environments where I’ll be literally up to my knees in water, snow or mud all day, on the other hand, if I’m going to be hiking in the mountains, venturing through rocky, rugged woodlands, or dryer, more upland settings, you’ll most likely find me wearing my Irish Setters.

I got my first pair of Irish Setter hunting boots in 2014 on Kodiak Island, Alaska. I won a Kodiak bear photography contest and spent some of my winnings on a new set of footwear…the Irish Setter Gunflints. I have since worn those boots on countless adventures…including some of my most hardcore, butt-kicking Alaska hunting trips…the kind of trips that chew up and devour hunting gear and apparel! Much like my favorite Keen shoes, with a little routine maintenance, those boots just keep on going! I still have them and still use them all the time.

Most hunting, or “hiking style” of boots that I have bought and used over the years would rarely last even a year…and some of those were from very well-known and respected boot manufactures, who, by the way, are not promoted and featured by Wild Revelation Outdoors. My Irish Setter boots have far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them for serious hiking, hunting, and any outdoor use.

Irish Setter Boots Review

Irish Setter boots got their start in the 1950’s and were at first exclusively a model of hunting boot designed and manufactured by Red Wing Shoe Company…another of my top picks for high-quality outdoor footwear. In 1997, Irish Setter became its own brand, stepping out of the shadow of the Red Wing name. And, well…the rest is history! Below are the most popular and highest rated models of Irish Setter boots. Click on the boot photos to learn more and order a pair today.

Irish Setter Elk Tracker Review.
Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boots.
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Irish Setter Havoc XT Boots.
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Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots.
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Irish Setter Vaprtrek Knee Boots.
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Irish Setter Deer Tracker Boots.
Irish Setter Gunflint II Boots Review.
Irish Setter Gunflint II Boots.
Irish Setter Trailblazer Boots Review.
Irish Setter Trailblazer Boots.


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