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Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord - Book III

Hunting for God – Fishing for the Lord III
The Trail North

The expedition continues in the third and final book of the Hunting for God – Fishing for the Lord Trilogy. Join author Joseph Classen for another round of unforgettable adventures, including…

  • Big game hunting in Alaska for moose, caribou, mountain goat, and blacktail deer
  • Fishing for huge king salmon in the legendary waters of Kodiak Island
  • Stalking the woods of the Midwest for turkey and whitetails
  • The nerve-wracking rescue of a trapped Kodiak bear while on a duck hunt
  • A near-fatal bowhunting accident in the high country

Share in empowering reflections about life and Christian faith through this fun and inspiring collection of exciting (and often humorous) hunting and fishing stories. This soul-stirring book guides you to:

  • Learn how to be happy by being thankful for God’s abundant blessings
  • Vitally important lessons about life – learned while preparing to die
  • Finding hope and healing broken relationships through forgiveness
  • Combat negative emotions with positive thinking and prayer
  • Harness the liberating power of self-discipline
  • Mentoring the next generation and practicing good stewardship
  • Listening to the voice God
  • And much more!

Join the expedition and order your copy today! Makes a perfect Christian gift for those who enjoy hunting and fishing.


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