Wild Revelation Outdoors, Joseph Classen

Hunting for God, Fishing for the Lord - Book II

Hunting for God – Fishing for the Lord II
Spiritual Survival 

The hunt continues! Come along on another unforgettable adventure into God’s great outdoors in the second book of the Hunting for God – Fishing for the Lord Trilogy. Formerly published in 2009 under the title Tracking Virtue – Conquering Vice, this edition has been updated, revised, and finally released under the originally intended title.

Join author Joseph Classen while bowhunting for bull elk, salmon fishing in Alaska, and chasing deer, turkey, and wild boar in the Midwest. Share in empowering reflections about life and faith through this fun and inspiring collection of exciting (and often humorous) hunting and fishing stories. Perfect for every hunter, fisherman, or outdoor adventurer, this unique book guides you to:

  • Seeking and finding God with the eyes of a master tracker
  • Combat the destructive, enslaving forces of the seven deadly sins with the liberating power of faith, hope, and love
  • Overcome the addicting vices of greed, anger, jealousy, gluttony, lust, sloth, and hubris with a double-barrel dose of virtue and discipline
  • Learn the skills of spiritual survival by applying the essentials of Christian living and Christian spirituality
  • Find lasting sources of strength, happiness, and God’s grace through hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors
  • Makes a perfect Christian gift for those who enjoy hunting and fishing

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