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Over the years I’ve made many videos on the Kodiak brown bear as well as the coastal brown bears of the mainland of Alaska, and I also did a very popular video about the distinct differences between these two bears and the grizzly bear, as the true grizzly bear (ursus arctos horribilis) is a subspecies of the coastal brown bear. Coastal brown bears have access to marine-derived food sources such as salmon, dead whales, and other abundant high fat, high protein food sources. As a result, they can grow to enormous proportions, with the largest Kodiak bear on record being close to 1700 pounds. The true grizzly bear is a brown bear that lives in the interior regions of wilderness that do not have access to marine food sources such as salmon. Thus, grizzly bears seek out a wide variety of food sources and often have to work much harder than coastal bears to secure a meal. This is also one of the factors that makes them typically more aggressive and dangerous than coastal brown bears.

While brown bears, including the grizzly bear, are often referred to as carnivores, they’re actually omnivores. Grizzly bears eat things such as berries, roots, rodents, worms and grubs, pine nuts, whatever carrion they can find, and they also hunt down other mammals that live in the area, especially the young or wounded of those animals, which are much easier to catch. While large male coastal brown bears can routinely weigh well over 1000 pounds, the male grizzly bears of the interior generally max out at around 500 to 600 pounds (but can get larger) which is still a mighty big bear and coupled with their more aggressive demeanor, definitely not one you want to mess with.

The Adventures of King Kodiak, The Biggest Brown Bear in the World, Joseph Classen
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The largest grizzly bears in the world reside in Alaska and western Canada and since the biggest ones on record were all harvested in very remote areas of wilderness, far from civilization and industrial-sized scales, the exact weight of these giant bears is not known. Thus, skull size and hide measurements are used to judge the size of grizzlies. The skull measurement is a combination of both the length and width, with the largest grizzly skulls on record being in the neighborhood of 28 inches.

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Skull and hide measurements are used to judge the size of bears when getting the exact weight with a scale is not an option.

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