Granberg Precision Grinder Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Granberg Precision Grinder Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Keeping the chain sharp and well maintained on your chainsaw is critical for optimal performance. No matter if you’re cutting firewood, trimming trees, or doing some heavy-duty chainsaw milling, a good sharp chain makes the job go much fast, smoother, and also puts far less stress on your chainsaw, as a dull chain requires lots of extra effort to cut through the wood.

There’s lots of advice out there as far as when you should sharpen your chain. Some say after so many tanks of gas, others say after cutting so many feet of wood, but the bottom line is that when you have to use an excessive amount of force and pressure on your saw, it’s time to sharpen the chain. When handling your chainsaw properly, it should do the cutting fairly effortlessly, with no need to bear down hard on the bar, as if using a manual saw.

There are many different ways to sharpen the chain on your chainsaw. You can use the old-fashioned method of using hand files, either free-handed or with a guide. You can use a Dremel Tool, which is something I’ve featured in a past video, or, you can use something that’s specifically designed to put a factory sharp edge on your chainsaw teeth…which is what the Granberg Precision Grinder does.

Granberg precision sharpener
Getting a razor sharp, factory edge on your chainsaw teeth can be hard to accomplish with hand tools and sharpeners.


Product Overview

The Granberg Precision Grinder sharpens all types of chains, including crosscut, ripping, and skip tooth chain. It quickly and easily mounts to the chainsaw bar and you can adjust the angle, file height, and tooth length to get a very accurate, precise cut. Along with sharpening the teeth, it can also be used to lower the depth gauges accurately. Here’s an overview of how it works.

chainsaw sharpening
Here’s the grinder right out of the box. I have to admit, when I first laid my eyes on this thing, I thought it was a pretty wild looking contraption. Even though it may look a little complicated at first, it’s very easy to set up and use. After you do it once or twice, you’ll be grinding and sharpening away like a pro!


Granberg Precision Grinder
The grinder runs on a 12-volt motor that you can hook up to a battery or battery charger, which I really like while out in the field, as you can simply hook it up to your vehicle battery and sharpen for as long as you need to.


Granberg chainsaw sharpener
Here’s a closeup of the mounting bracket and clamp which fits securely right on top of your chainsaw bar.


chainsaw sharpening
Here we have the height adjustment dial.


chainsaw grinder
This is the tooth length adjustment screw which allows you to grind an exact, precise amount away on each tooth you’re sharpening.


Granberg precision grinde
Here’s the angle adjustment dial for setting the degree of sharpening.


Again, basically all these adjustment features allow you to set up and position the grinding stone in a manner in which you can get the exact same, precise grind on each and every tooth on your chain, hence the name; the precision grinder. To clamp it on properly to your chain and bar, the chain clamps should be secured just over the top of the rivets and the mounting clamp should be parallel to the bar as pictured below.

chainsaw grinder sharpener


So once you have everything adjusted so that the grinding wheel snuggly fits in the cutting edge of the tooth, you can make a few practice passes with the grinder, make further adjustments as needed, and start grinding away! And after you get all the teeth on one side of the chain done, you simply reset all the adjustments for the teeth on the other side of the chain, and then repeat the process.

The Granberg Precision Grinder at work!
The Granberg Precision Grinder at work!


So that’s a quick overview of Granberg’s Precision Grinder, and like all Granberg products, their ripping chain is proudly made in the USA. You can find out more and get yours today at And finally, I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Granberg in order for you to get a 10% discount by using the Wild Revelation Outdoors discount code wildrev19 when you place your order.

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