Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Winch Review

Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Winch Review

I’ve written a number of blog articles and produced several videos about milling trees yourself for your woodworking projects, especially for live edge style woodworking, and as much fun as it is to be out in the forest processing your own lumber, it’s still a heck of a lot of work! Manhandling big, heavy slabs of freshly cut wood and operating a powerful chainsaw for hours on end can really kick your butt! When the job is done you’ll feel like you wrestled a 1000 pound crocodile all day! But, it’s a small price to pay for getting your hands on potentially hundreds, if not thousands of dollars’ worth of premium wood. As I often point out, the equipment you buy for chainsaw milling will often pay for itself in just one or two uses.

Now there are ways to make the actual hard labor of chainsaw milling much easier. Using a high-quality Granberg ripping chain will expedite the process, and along with that, keeping that chain good and sharp will also make things go much smoother and faster. There are also some accessories you can attach to your Granberg Alaskan Mill that can be an enormous help. And, at the top of the list is the Alaskan Winch. I wish I would have gotten one of these a looooong time ago! I tried out the winch on recent milling adventure and it was an enormous help! It was like having an extra person on the job.

Granberg Alaskan Winch System Review
The Granberg Alaskan Winch System


Like all Granberg products, the winch comes nicely packaged with easy to follow assembly instructions, as well as helpful information for proper use. The winch goes together very easily with minimal tools and is easy to set up and use when out in the field. Of course, it’s important to read the directions to make sure you put it together correctly and use it properly.

The winch attaches directly to your Granberg mill, it comes with an adjustable anchor that you attach to the end of the log you’re milling, and it has 38 feet of rope which enables cutting logs up to 18 feet long. Once you have the winch properly set up and ready to go you simply crank away while milling your log. Again, the winch saves an enormous amount of time and energy as it eliminates the need for powering your mill along manually with your entire body like a mighty Missouri mule!

Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Winch
Cranking and cutting away with easy on the Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Winch!


As a side note, it’s also good to know that Granberg is a family-owned and operated business. All their products are proudly made in the USA and include a lifetime warranty. You can find out more and get yours today at And finally, I’m happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with Granberg in order for you to get a 10% discount by using the Wild Revelation Outdoors discount code wildrev19 when you place your order.

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