Gibson Cove Sunrise #2

A beautiful sunrise at Gibson cove on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Joseph Classen.

I captured this beautiful sunrise at a location known as Gibson Cove, just outside the town of Kodiak, Alaska. It’s a rather tame, unassuming location on most days. The morning I captured this image, however, was a bit out of the ordinary. There was a Kodiak brown bear sow and cub that had essentially set up camp in that spot for a few weeks. I consciously avoided the area during that time, as walking through the woods in the dark (as one must often do in the process of getting sunrise photographs) is not such a great idea when a very large, and extremely protective mother bear is somewhere nearby. The day I took this photo, I thought the sow and cub were long gone, as no one had seen them for a while. As I made my way to the beach, through a patch of thick alder trees (where bears tend to bed), I noticed some fresh tracks in the mud…very fresh tracks! So, I began the usual routine of identifying myself as a human: moving slowly and cautiously, and hollering the customary “Hey bear! Ho bear! Coming through bear!” I thankfully made it through their domain without any altercations, and was able to capture another fantastic Alaska sunrise! Indeed, just safely getting to a location for a photo shoot in remote areas of Alaska is often the adventure in and of itself.

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