Frogging 101 – Frog Gigging Basics – Equipment, Techniques, How to Clean and Cook Frog Legs

Frogging 101 - Frog Gigging Basics – Equipment, Techniques, How to Clean and Cook Frog Legs

Frog legs are a delicious delicacy! However, catching big bullfrogs and green frogs can be a little challenging. In this blog and video, I’ll take you along for a night of frog gigging in a Missouri swamp and teach you all the basics of frog hunting. We’ll cover the frog gigging equipment you’ll need, I’ll share with you some basic techniques and tips for frogging, as well as show you how to skin a frog, process the legs, and finish things off with an easy way to cook frog legs.

Frog Hunting Gear

One of the most common ways that people harvest frogs is by using a gig, which is basically a spear with several small, barbed tips. Gigging is typically done at night when frogs are calling and are much more active. The basic principle is to slowly stalk the shorelines or swamps with a bright flashlight that’s used to spot frogs as well as to freeze them in place while the gigger moves in to gig. Below are the basics of what you’ll need for a night of frog gigging as far as essential gear.

Basic Frog Gigging Technique

Again, the basic technique for frog gigging is to slowly and very carefully stalk the shorelines of a pond or swamp or and body of water that you know has a good population of frogs, which is pretty easy to tell because you’ll hear them croaking away with their signature deep sounding call. It’s important to scan every inch of the area as you move along because they can really blend in and sometimes all you see is their face sticking out of the thick cover. In fact, most of the frogs that I gig on any given o outing are usually in front of me, but are so well camouflaged that I almost pass them right by. So go super slow and careful. When you spot a frog, keep your light right in his face to keep him still and them get in slowly move in and gig him. If the frog isn’t dispatched by the actually gigging, I recommend giving them a quick whack on the head with a fish club to quickly and ethically kill them, put em’ in your cooler or on your stringer, and then go look for another one.

To see more, as well as learn how to easily clean, process, and cook frog legs, check out the video below…

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