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The Best Outdoor Footwear

What good tires are to the performance of an off-road vehicle, quality boots are to the performance of an outdoorsman or woman when out in the field. As with most categories of outdoor gear, whether it be knives, clothing, fly rods or anything else, there are many brands on the market and the consumer has many choices. However, out of all those brands, very few rise to the elite top of the list as simply being the best!

In regard to footwear, most shoes and boots these days, even ones produced by respected companies that are based in America, are now manufactured overseas. It’s getting very difficult to purchase boots or shoes (or much of anything!) made 100% in the USA. In fact, it’s almost impossible. Thankfully though, the brands that continue to rise to the top do so by staying on top of quality control. Serious consumers, especially those who truly depend on quality footwear for their livelihood and productivity spread the word fast about inferior products, lousy customer service, and other negative characteristics of a particular brand. The boots and shoes featured here, like all the products Wild Revelation Outdoors promotes, are among the best in the world and have genuinely proven themselves in the toughest places, doing the toughest work, by the toughest people. 

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