Five of the Best Fishing Knots – Part #5 – Nail Knot

There are few things as heartbreaking for a fisherman or fisherwoman than to lose a big fish…especially if it’s a once in a lifetime trophy-sized fish. What’s even more heartbreaking, however, is to lose that fish because attaching your terminal tackle to your line with a faulty or inferior knot. In this five-part video and blog series, I’ll share with you five trustworthy fishing knots that are fast and easy to tie, and that you can use for a wide variety of purposes.

How to Tie the Nail Knot

how to tie the nail knot

In this final episode in this fishing knot series, we’ll have a look at the nail knot. This is another traditional knot for connecting sections of line together. It’s commonly used by fly fisherman to attach a leader to the thick, heavy fly line, but it can be used for other applications as well. Now back in the day, many tied this knot using a nail…hence the name “nail knot,” but it can also be done very fast and easy with a handy dandy nail knot tool such as this oneCheck out the video below to see how it’s done…

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