Wild Revelation Outdoors, Joseph Classen

Fishing Diary - Journal & Log Book

Designed by Fishermen, For Fishermen!

Most fishing journals on the market are produced by publishers who rarely spend a day on the water or quality time on serious fishing adventures. Wild Revelation Outdoors Journals are created by a team of fishing guides, who know exactly what kind of data is important to record, and what’s not. Our eye-catching, no-nonsense journal is an essential piece of fishing gear that’s intended to be used as a log book and documentation tool to help fishermen in the following ways:

  • Keep detailed fishing notes about a specific trip, or an entire season, in order to help sharpen skills, focus more intensely on primary fishing objectives, and learn from past mistakes.
  • Objective data logged in a fishing journal serves as both a valuable scouting tool and resource for planning future outings.
  • Serves as a fishing diary for collecting and storing cherished memories, which can be passed on to future generations.
  • Easy to fill in format with prompts for essential fishing information and plenty of space for customized, personal notes and details.
  • Makes a great keepsake or fishing gift!

Get your copy today, or order several to start building your fishing journal library for years to come!


To Purchase Wholesale Copies to Sell at your Place of Business – Contact Joseph Classen at info@wildrevelation.com